’80s&’90s Fitness Video

by Sunday, May 7, 2017
Be inspired Diana! Summer is approaching, and everyone want a new ‘butt’ in time for the bikini test. A part my clients that have been dancing all the year and they in good shape few people would like to work from their own house. Come back in shape quickly? More cardio is the answer… here some fantastic, absurd, funny  fitness tutorials on YouTube, I stumbled across an unexpected gold mine: ’80s and ’90s workout videos.

Making workouts to have fun is probably bringing women who normally wouldn’t be attract by a workout class.

Great Fun and great workout. I think there is a lot to get back from those video. I’m sorry but we are moving machine and we are designed to do certain movement and 20 years ago there was not such a difference: a step touch rest a step touch if you do Zumba, Aerobic, Jazz, Modern…the difference is the style to perform, the instructions, the music, the tone of voice…

Buns of Steel is a complete and effective workout lead buy  Greg Smithey  who seems come out from the Tenenbaum family.I love this guy its fun and funny. The exercises selected are very good especially for glutes and legs.

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