Ageing and transforming, it’s an art.

by Sunday, June 11, 2017

What you are going to do with your body ageing, your face getting saggy  and your hair full down? In my case I can’t stop myself  to eat! I can choose  what I eat but I can’t stay in a diet with too little calories.  I will go and run or dance because I am stressed and need to balance myself . I know I can’t freeze my body, because as a vintage car, if I don’t use it will stop to function.
I walk my dog in the park, I  try to walk everywhere (this is a lie, but I like to say) and carry my shopping up the stairs.. and then every day  I am doing at the list a couple of hours of exercises: dance conditioning and choreography.

Dancing is increasingly used as a anti-ageing therapy, because it combines many diverse features making it a promising combination of brain-muscles workout. I have been investigated the effects of a 6-month dance class (2 h/week) on a group of middle ageing  women: brain is less blurred and muscle tone much better . In few months they covering cognition, intelligence, attention, reaction time, motor, tactile, and postural performance, as well as subjective well-being and better mood!  In the dance group, beneficial effects were arrive for dance-related exercises such as posture and reaction times, but also for cognitive, tactile, motor performance, and subjective well-being.

Ageing well is a form of art. The body transformation is unpredictable  but manageable. Everyday I discover something different about my body and my muscles. The elegance and the authority of a well aged old body is always very remarkable and it comes first of all from coordination and feel well in our own clothes.

My suggestion to get your youth state going:

  • attend dance classes for 6 months
  • watch what you eat and put inside your body
  • keep a journal to measure your progress
  • try to set memory exercises to see if they will improve
  • be brave when you dress
  • have tones of friends

You will definitely see the benefits….

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