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by Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hair, always a problem… they get ruined and layered and thinner and we have to cut! They get older. Also dancing and wash constantly does not help. Those who know me or come to my lessons will be aware of my passage from brunette to natural grey (natural??? I bleached my hair until the death). It was so nasty for my hair (at some point they became green…) that I had to obtain a degree in hair repair to get this matter sorted. Now I’m almost happy.

There are tons of products with different purposes – I would like to recommend two brilliant solutions, based on my experience: 1- protein pack 2-a handmade mask.


Protein pack repair

The protein pack: I tried many including keratin treatment, a lot of money, little results! Then FINALLY I found a magic product Malibu Miracle Repair amazing result! A deep conditioning miracle that feeds your hair with plant proteins.It is a 100% vegan treatment and enriched with pro vitamin b5 for mega-moisturizing. It costs around 5 pounds each treatment… I ended up mixing with toner and applying it once every 3 weeks at the moment. You can also buy in a mega pack of 12 in amazon.




Mustard mask

The housewife mask: this is a very funny one! Mix 4 spoons of mustard powder, 2 egg yolks, 2 spoons of coconut oil. If it is too thick add some olive oil. Apply from the scalp and massage very well, wrap with a plastic film, put a wool hat on top,  keep for 60 min. Then wash and comment please my post! Happy weekend recovery!

Love you all xxx

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