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by Sunday, August 7, 2016

In the last few month I become a huge fan of Nu-skin products…. I simply love them: genuine, simple and innovative….I will start to introduce some of the products I already tried.

Let’s start to talk about everyday and spot the most easy morning makeup routine.
We just don’t have enough time for everything. Well, not sometimes, but usually. With our tips and easy-to-use products, you will get ready in the morning in a few minutes.

Put your coffee on hold and let’s get ready!

(Before applying makeup, your skin should be cleansed and moisturized. I will not go into details here, because these topics deserve a separate post.)


Step 1.
Concealer. The product of high importance. Honestly, it can cope with all types of exhausting by brightening your eyes and thus changing the whole look. Sleepless nights or late work, it will make all of those things a secret to everybody, but you, of course. For concealing we can try  Nu Colour Skin Beneficial Concealer provides superb weightless coverage and contains pure vitamins A, C, and E to fight free radical damage and the signs of aging. Extra ingredients, comfrey and aloe also help fight puffiness and soothe the skin whilst you are wearing it. Non-irritating and non-oily, this concealer won’t clog your pores, giving you the perfect complexion while you hide any imperfections. It comes in five neutral shades to suit any skin tone. Choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your own skin tone and use either a Nu Colour concealer brush, wedge sponge or just your fingers to gently blend a small amount over under-eye circles, blemishes and other areas of discoloration. Apply some concealer under your eyes, and if situation is serious – on the eye lids as well. It will make you look extra fresh and bright.



Step 2.
Base. So here are a useful suggestions 1- try powders from Sephora. I checked a couple of them, and the ingredients are excellent. No parabens, no talcum (which, by the way, is used in many powders and tend to clog the pores). Which one? Perfecting Face Brush from Bare Minerals (it has a flat top) apply some powder with stapling motions.  It camouflages large pores and lines perfectly ! (Remember they are not curative at all, it is a coverage!!!)

Or Advanced liquid finish SPF15 (again NU Skin) – I tried in a presentation and amazing texture…beautiful, matte finish, Nu Colour Advanced Liquid Finish SPF 15 has your anti-ageing benefits and rejuvenates your appearance, so maybe for us over 40 can be a right alternative to the bare minerals. It works deeply in your skin and if you combine with their Galvanic treatment (post in preparation…) you can have amazing results



Step 3.
Eyes. A few touches on the eyebrows. And the queen of makeup – Mascara. For a natural look go for Sumptuous Infinite Mascara by Estee Lauder. It defines lushes and the brush is very easy to use. Or  Nu Colour curling mascara blackideal to make your eyes jump out, it gives that extra magnificent glow to your look. With its nice, easy-to-use, lightly curved brush, it’s especially formulated to separate lashes and make sure to give them that long lasting curling power without clumping. With this mascara you are not missing out on the wide open eye effect!



879985Step 4. Lips and cheeks. Not everybody feel comfortable wearing lipstick every day. A lot of cosmetic brands now have something in between lip balm and actual lipstick. No skills are needed to apply it. Product adds just a little bit of color. For example, Chubby Stick by Clinique or Bobby Brown Extra Lip Tint. Another hint is the lip & cheek products, my favorite is from Dior, it has a special sponge stick applicator very useful to shade. In general they are extremely handy, and will help you to save quite a lot of time. At first try to use your fingers, apply it to your lips, then smile. Yes, smile! And apply to the most protruding part of your cheeks.

A little goes a long way. You can add some to the area of your cheekbones as well.




I’m using Nu Colour® Contouring Lip Gloss for full, shapely, youthful looking lips. Again it is a anti age product and to feel more glam I add a touch of my favorite lipstick colour and voilà I have the perfect lips ever! Clinically proven to stimulate collagen production, this peptide helps you achieve the full, shapely lips you desire in only 28 days.

So that’s it!

You are ready to conquer the world! Don’t forget to finish your coffee though)

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