Women Cross Training: TheChallenge

by Sunday, January 28, 2018

Never tried Bold Bodies? Are you ready to change your body?

A personalized journey of self discovery using movement.  Using specific attention to alignment and technique, awareness of our fluidity and balance you will safely move, dance, and free the system of tension and stress. This body experience is a great introduction to Bold Bodies Method – perfect for beginners, for women with with injuries and who would like to gain confidence.

TheChallenge is a 2 weeks  program designed by Diana Le Quesne to burst and reset your body. It includes a manual, advices on nutritional plans (a unique blend of seasonal, anti-inflammatory, and plant based suggestions), includes delicious recipes, instructions for mindful routines and tools that with unlimited classes and  4 singles sessions of 75 min, will help you to focus just on your body and your personal goals. Participants reset their bodies, lose or gain weight and understand their own shape: analyzing their habits and finding the time to spent taking care of themselves open the mind at new possibilities to work with their own body.


Unlimited Classes can be booked during the 2 weeks time.

Private sessions

4 private sessions of 75 min. need to be decided with the teacher.

Culinary Suggestions 

Days 1 – 3:  animal protein is removed all together, remove gluten, dairy, highly processed soy, alcohol, and sugar.
Days 4 – 10: limited animal protein diet of fish.

A manual and some routines is part of the program.


Never gets easier, you just get better (eventually). The Newcomer’s Challenge is a motivation that pushes you in a new body shape. We work hard and our results are real. The do not stay for long if you stop after… Use your body to feel and look better!  Clients drop pounds, look taller and leaner, gain a new posture and trim inches in as few as 6-10 workouts!
Mix and match the dance conditioning workouts of Bold Bodies.


To begin your Newcomer’s Challenge, please email me before start your first class challenge card.

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