Cardio Ballet Barre and Body Shapes

by Friday, May 26, 2017

Did you ever try Aerobic movements with ballet barre. The barre is used  to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements.

How is the ballerina’s body? Legs are much admired because they have lean, sleek look and the body is considered top of the feminine body. This ballerina look can  be sculpted in fitness dance classes by everyone, but the results promise arrive with hard work and with time.

We do what all the others are doing… popular ballet inspired workouts such as ‘Barre’ classes is infact everywhere…the difference is we do in very small groups 4 people and in a tailored way!

’ The recent Pilates Style Magazine announces that in addition to a lean, toned, and beautifully sculpted dancer’s body, ‘Total Barre’ delivers poise, confidence, and refined elegance. Obviously, the participants in these classes are not there to propel themselves through ice as fast as possible or even to learn how to dance—these classes are generally advertised as requiring no dance experience—but to build ‘a dancer’s body.’

This is not exactly true: not everyone agrees with Barre classes shaping our bodies into the lean dancer look: we need a restrictive diet and great genes and a ballet workout, this is the best option!

Is our  body shapes entirely dictated by genes? Not definitely  not.. Some might claim that ‘ballerinas are born, not made’ few women are born with the range of motion in their joints that is required for the ballet range of moves vocabulary. For example, the anatomical range of motion for hip abduction (leg is extended to the side) is only about 30 degrees whereas ballerinas habitually are required to range up to 160 degrees. Ballet technique requires training from a young age, however, the ballerina’s legs perform a different and much more varied vocabulary of movements, their shape reflects core balance  and leg extensions .

Physical training can shape our bodies. But how easy is to obtain the shape of a ballerina’s body?

Not easy. According to a number of psychological studies conducted with dancers and models there is a constant dieting; this suggests further that ballerinas are not born with the thin body required, but have to constantly maintain it through careful restrictions to their diet. How many women can be so disciplined?

Barre classes are popular because they help to built a wonderful and feminine body.  Many of my participants testify for changed body shape and no one complains about building thunder thighs in a Barre class. The body shape does depend on what exercises are done during the class. We constantly change, every week its a different group muscles.

We will strengthen the body in a similar way to ballet or dance cross training. To do proper ballet training, we need to learn the ballet technique that shapes a slightly different set of muscles to perform a different type of muscle work. To have ‘a dancer’s body,’ one needs to perform dance movements, not simply call a squat a plié or a leg lift an attitude.  That is why I insist in some technique simple advises. We dont have the same precision than dancers, but we do a more holistic engagement of several muscle groups that work in precision using eccentric (muscle is lengthening while working) and concentric (muscle is shortening while working) work.

Some vocabulary of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, need to be acquire and the body learn at every age with its own limit…


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