Dance Moves that every women Over 40 need to Know!

by Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We lose the connection with our tummy…Pregnancy? Eating? Water retention? Everyone I’m sure has a solid reason to do it.

What we do not like is that fat around the belly that looks it will be there for ever.  The exercises I propose in my Dance Fitness Routines always work with a tensegrity  principle and the reason is that breathing inside your body in movement, gives a re-connection between the brain, your muscles and the kinetic of your own body in the space… breathing as you are inflate your body to feel the maximum benefit of  this exercise. This gives opportunity to the muscles in your belly to work properly in sink with your body. Find below the 5 passages to do to perform the movement in your right side, then perform on your left side. Repeat each side for 2 times. Enjoy!!!!

1. Stand tall with your shoulder on top of your hips, inhale…

2.Initiate the movement from your lower abdominals  and bring the right knee toward your chest. The arms hold in a circle in front of you. You start to exhale…

3. Bring your knee bended and your arm straight toward your back. Your spine is in diagonal line, your shoulder, hip and knee are aligned, inhale…

4. Go in your maximum extension pushing your leg up and your chest closer to the supporting leg, exhale

5. Repeat 3 and 4 for 8 times challenging your core to hold a good balance

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