Dance Stories: Emily

by Friday, January 8, 2016

I was teaching in Muswell Hill, NLPAC, and at the end of the lesson a beautiful woman arrive in my class. Emily. She asked me if I was teaching ballet for adults, because she recognised some moves and she asked if she could join the classes…I got a good feeling about her: she is kind, passionate, funny and great sense of life, also she wears a pair of Adidas Gazelle red, like mine… She is a wild dance spirit. Professional dancer, mother and full of energy. Obviously, I was immediately excited about have her in my classes. I must say Thursday class with her has been good for me, I’m hoping to do a very nice dance duet soon with the lovely Emily… and here she is:


Born into a family of three girls in 1964 I grew up in Corfe Mullen, a country village in Dorset with nothing much around except farms and stables!

Unlike my two older sisters, who had already proved they would never be dancers, from the moment I could walk I would flit around the family house imagining I was a famous ballerina.
It was not until my ninth birthday that my father finally gave into my mothers plea to send me to Muralova ballet school who taught the Russian method of classical Dance. I would spend most evenings after school dashing to class until my 18th birthday when I moved to London and the Arts Educational schools to train professionally in classical, contemporary and jazz dance.

I have always enjoyed moving to music and consequently keeping fit but performing to an audience and receiving huge applause was always the biggest thrill.

Thank you Emily let’s make a nice short duet…

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