Dance stories: Gracia

by Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gracia is a very ‘solar’ woman, she is brazilian and always with a nice smile and great sense of compassion and love for everyone. I still remember the first time I met her (almost one year ago), I felt she was a dancer! Her beautiful legs and the posture even with the beautiful grey hair ( she never dyed!!). She also has a great sense of style: in the summer always she wears a small fresh flower in the hair, sooooo romantic and cute!

East Finchley where we live is a small village in London and it is very important to feel a sense of community. Gracia has been very kind to me: she encouraged and she is one of my best dancers because Never give up!!! Here what she things about Dance…Thank you Gracia for share this with everyone, not sure ‘I operate miracles’ you actually girls do the most of the job, and I’m super grateful for this!


‘Besides being fun dancing has many positive health benefits. Dancing has an impact not only in your strength, flexibility, endurance level but the most important your well being. You can express yourself and have the  joy of moving  to a rhythm. Lovely also for the brain, making you focus and you can feel young again with lots of energy.

I always love to dance alone or with friends and I love my dance classes. Diana operates miracles. Having dancing lessons improved so much my whole body and mind’.

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