Delay Your Ageing Process

by Sunday, May 21, 2017

We all aware of the symptoms of ageing, we would want to prevent the effects of ageing. Discover all the facts around your body ageing will help you to understand better what you can control and prevent. As we age there may be reduction such rhythmic movements.  Dance Practice expands our body and cognitive abilities at any stage of life, Dancing is a good exercise for all over 40 women and Dance Conditioning as well, but unfortunately just Dance, it isn’t enough to delay the decadence process.  Great inspiration for all Dance Lovers is  Australia’s Eileen Kramer, she is a 100-year-old dancer and choreographer (can you believe it?) in the Cover Picture. Said that let’s list some interesting facts. What ageing you more after forty, increasing inflammation, stiffness, and accelerated decadence?

Muscle Facts

On average, you lose five pounds of muscle every decade after age thirty.  Your metabolism slows down with age, which means you accumulate more fat and lose muscle. If your muscles are replaced with fat, you lose your strength. The key is to focus on keep building and maintain your muscle mass…Do the right exercises for your body type and focus on small muscles group!

What the Brain is doing?

Your neurons (nerve cells) lose speed and flexibility as you age. Part of the problem is that your brain gathers rust like an old truck left in the rain; free radicals induce damage to cells, DNA, and proteins in a process called oxidative stress if you don’t have antioxidant countermeasures in place (like vitamins A, C, and E). Your hippocampus (the part of your brain involved in memory creation and emotional control) may shrink, especially if you’re stressed. On top of that, excess stress kills brain cells by increasing production of beta-amyloid, which puts the brain at risk for Alzheimer’s disease. The key is to focus on keeping your brain regenerating and malleable as you get older. Sequences and procedural memory: dance new choreographies keep the brain active.

Hormone Circus

With age, both men and women make less testosterone, leading to more fat deposits at the breasts, hips, and buttocks. Women produce less estrogen, which normally protects the hair follicles and skin. Lower levels of estrogen and testosterone may weaken your bones and your sex drive, and may trigger hair loss and heart disease. Your thyroid gland slows down, too, and, along with it, your metabolism. The right food, sleep, exercise, and detoxification support can reverse many of these age-related hormone problems, I know it is difficult and it requests discipline, but it is the only way.

The Gut Factor

About 70 percent of your immune system lies beneath your gut lining, so it’s where, if your immune system is overstimulated, excess inflammation and even autoimmune conditions can start. Your gastrointestinal tract contains three to five pounds of microbes. The DNA from your microbes are collectively known as your microbiome. Imbalance in your microbiome may cause you to make more enzymes such as beta-glucuronidase, which raises certain bad estrogens and lowers your protective estrogens. Finally, high stress can make you absorb nutrients poorly, especially B vitamins, which you need for: converting food (carbohydrates, fats, protein) into fuel; making DNA in your cells; keeping nerves and blood cells healthy; preventing anemia, fatigue, and premenstrual syndrome; producing serotonin for mood and melatonin for sleep (and breast cancer risk reduction); and to control levels of inflammation in the blood, as measured by biomarkers such as homocysteine.  Get Vitamin B, melatonin and do things make you happy!

Why you should choose Dance?

Dance is a form of human expression and requires mental and physical skills. Dance or Movement Therapy (DMT) or simply Therapeutic Dance has shown impact in improve emotions and  empathy. Dance also improve flexible attention, co-ordination, multitasking and balance.  It is never too late.


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