Diana Vishneva: perfect dancer body…

by Thursday, December 10, 2015

It’s hard to think of a more sheerly beautiful ballerina in the world today: the proportions of her body are delectably harmonious, and her porcelain-doll face is both wide-eyed and heart-shaped. And as her program’s title, “Beauty in Motion,” suggests, her beauty carries through from physique into physicality. She really can be doll-like, and sometimes adopts an air of contrived innocence; or she can be a true child of nature, gorgeously and blithely opening her lovely limbs out into the air like a nymph or sylph; or she can be a polished dynamo whose brilliance and control startle. Always she gives off light.

Ballet schools are looking for traits that “include high arches, a flexible torso, small head, small bust, slim hips, small ankles, long arms and legs.” But why are these schools able to discriminate against their students in such a way? Dancers have to be in shape and stay healthy in order to preform on stage and practice for hours each week, but this doesn’t mean each dancer has to be outrageously thin and have willowy arms and legs. In the earlier century, many ballet dancers had stockier figures with round legs. This idea of having a thin body has only become a recent development in the ballet world by choreographer George Balanchine. Many people going to watch a ballet recital are expecting to see healthy dancers, but they are more concerned with the technique and overall show experience. There are a variety of moves that each dancer must be capable of doing. One may notice that every dancer has the same body shape and they all look about the same height. This goes to show that in ballet each dancer must pertain to many rules of what they look like and how they dance.Back to Diana Vishneva  is in the modern category of slim dancers instead of thin dancers. Body physique is mainly shaped by genetics, so dancers have no particular say in what they look like. But it is possible to get in shape, or stay in shape if they work for it. For the females, being thin plays a huge role in the lifting aspect of ballet. If the males in the company are not strong enough to support the weight of the females, it could cause many possible injuries.

We have our own idea of the ideal ballet physique and for who is in dance the important thing is try to be committed on our fitness goal . Just those bodies are great inspirations…more than actresses, more than models. There is a body expression that make everything possible…and this is indipendent from genetic or just a shape, it is a mind set…


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