Fantastic Four

by Saturday, November 21, 2015

Will be back After Christmas!

Challenge from MONDAY 4 January until 18 of January 2016. Every day workout for 2 weeks! Let’s get your measurements and you will see BEFORE AND AFTER… It costs 2 cards of 65 pounds, 130 in total… 20 hours of dance in 2 weeks in a small group with a Tailored workout! You will see your body transforming and  Aereoballet Tailored  its our most tour-de-force format  (and our signature workout)! Rond de jambe your way to lean legs, relevé your way to beautiful calves and développé your thighs into their most sculpted.

Marathon of 20 hours of Aereoballet Tailored to 4 people gave a really good results! We get dimensions and we had a lot of cm lost from 2cm to 4cm depending on the person and on the body! I realized I can share the exercises just with who is determined to transform: a lean,  feminine body with muscular definition without the un-necessary bulk.

But what  happened last time ?

After 2 weeks of consistently exercising and clean healthy eating, bodies start to change, it is inevitable…Inches are lost, clothes started to fit looser, energy levels were boosted, defined and sculpted limbs started to appear, and an overall sensation of physical and emotional strength started. Seeing visible results definitely motivated us to keep going!!  I love see women more comfortable in their own skin, better if they can still eat some crisps and a glass of wine… I do not believe in long term changes with diets, It is important to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but not a depressive restrictive diet, it will not work in the long term…

Here the result…


BEFORE arms              29 cm       AFTER 25 CM

BEFORE under waist   90 cm       AFTER 78 CM

BEFORE hips               90 cm       AFTER 89 CM

BEFORE legs               50 cm       AFTER 47 CM

 ‘This was a worth while physical and mental challenge. I have a whole new posture and I lost in areas I never thought it would go especially the neck, shoulders and arms. I now have the tools of more advance dance techniques to continue to improve on  my 2 weeks ‘ (Vanessa)


BEFORE arms              31.5 cm    AFTER 29.5 CM

BEFORE under waist   79 cm       AFTER 74 CM

BEFORE hips               96 cm       AFTER 93 CM

BEFORE legs               50 cm       AFTER 48 CM

‘I’ve seen some definite changes to my body as a result of the Fantastic Four Challenge. My posture and the flexibility in my shoulders and back have improved noticeably. I have a much better understanding of how the muscles in our bodies work together and what we need to do to keep improving, particularly our important core strength. Finally, and surprisingly to me, I’ve improved my muscle tone and lost weight (1kg) without cutting down or changing what I ate in any way. The Challenge was indeed challenging both physically and mentally but it was wonderful to see everyone progressing and improving their fitness and confidence as a result of all the time and thought that Diana put into designing and running the programme to ensure our individual needs were met. Thank you so much Diana – you’re a star!’ (Kay)


BEFORE arms              26 cm      AFTER 26  CM

BEFORE under waist   91 cm       AFTER 75 CM

BEFORE hips               97 cm       AFTER 90 CM

BEFORE legs               53 cm       AFTER 49 CM

Fitness is not about being better than someone else – it is about being better than you used to be.  Diane is so motivating and inspiring Her teaching is so electric. The results in overall fitness, positive outlook and  best of all body shaping and sculpting is true alchemy. I lost at least 16cm in the best fun two weeks this summer (Elei)


BEFORE arms              29 cm      AFTER 27 CM

BEFORE under waist   87 cm       AFTER 84 CM

BEFORE hips              101 cm       AFTER 99 CM

BEFORE legs               53 cm       AFTER  50 CM

The challenge is great, both physically and mentally. Diana really takes the time to know your own body and the issues it has. Whilst improving fitness and tone -you also learn loads about the relationship between muscles and bones, movement and breath. My body has found a new flexibility and freedom. Will be doing it again. Highly recommended (Deborah)


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