Fitness mania, is this new?

by Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Just read a fantastic little article in Vogue and I like to share. Actually it’s  about one of my favourite style icon and model of woman Charlotte Rampling and her routine. The most intrigued part is :

‘are you familiar with breathing exercises and meditation? Have you recently taken an interest in barre class? Then you are well on your way to a Rampling-esque frame…’

Oh yes, I’m honored to be in that frame! It makes me think that can be inspiring for all of us have in mind that all the beautiful women, are beautiful because they work out…Nothing comes for free. We can also say ‘how superficial is this?’ Well it is not…When I see women around ’40 that become really frustrated because they can not breath or jump or pliès correctly, in 10 years time what is going to happen? So it is not a option. I know training it is hard, keeping the body in full function and with beautiful movements it is a mission. Back on icons today I feel very inspired by Charlotte. She looks strong, intelligent, commanding, and elegant.  The picture on her on the barre is absolutely intriguing ( Helmut Newton BTW). I didn’t know that she was a trained ballerina…and this make sense in her personality. She is a free spirit but with that discipline that it is a key to make your body the place to love. You can actually transform your body as you like, but it is a very tough, disciplined, daily job. Who says ‘I born like this…’ possibly but if you like to keep all your beauty going, face the truth and re-organise your schedule, you know what is good and what is not…

Happy that ‘fitness’ is back in track…but what I think for beautiful bodies training was always on top of the schedule.

Charlotte, you inspire me….





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