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by Tuesday, October 17, 2017


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Shape your Body? Weight Loss? Empower your mind and your coordination skills? Detox?

Here the group classes you should consider.  By moving the body and engage the mind, participants feel regenerated of endorphins that become a real cleansing of energy, sealed  breath work and movement practice. This experience is a return and reconnection to yourself, your time to feel who you really are.  The mind gets clear as soon the body becomes a precise movement machine.  My workouts are for any woman who feels disconnected, different, in need of change or for all who need to reset from a stressful life. I challenge you to experience pain and discomfort in order to re-organize every inch of your body.

Aeroballet is a 55 minute movement experience and it is my signature dance fitness routine. Breathe, sweat, scream, tone …full body-mind workout that is low-impact, protecting your joints by performing isometric movement set to fast curated music sequences. Small movements in fast repetitions will shape your body and give results in a very short time. You sweat and you clean your mind, get the body ready to find new opportunities. Each toning section of the workout is followed by a stretching section in order to create long and lean muscles. The technique works to challenge gravity and lift our bodies up! Energizing rhythmic workout that combines aspects of ballet, jazz and aerobic dance into a fluid and continuous movement, in curated soundtracks (HERE PLAYLISTS). It is a non-traditional body-mind approach to aerobics. A fabulous, fun and flowing workout that will reshape every inch of your body in a safe and effective way.
All fitness and experience levels welcome! Classes are varied from beginners to improvers.

Aeroballet Tailored is for 4 people with Loyalty card. The routine will be designed for the group.

Aeroballet Barre is a 30 minute cardio movement experience. It is a condensed workout, but not less efficient, for those who are very busy. The workout is designed all on the ballet barre. The workout strengthens, lengthens and conditions all the muscle groups. It is intense and fast. All fitness levels welcome, previous Barre lessons are raccomended.

Aeroballet Stretch is a 30 minute movement relaxing experience.The biomechanical ideal in training is to achieve the most stable and balanced relationship of the spine and extremities for injury prevention, advanced sports and performance optimization. This routine specifically consists of flexibility and alignment training. The class is 30 min and takes you through dynamic, isometric and developmental stretching. Occasionally we will work in pairs or use resistance bands.

Ballet barre, stretch and flex is a 55-minute non-stop endorphin cardio workout. It combines toning, aerobic, and anaerobic training all set to cool music. You will reach your physical and mental limits to reveal a new superb and empowered body. With specific attention to alignment and technique, you will safely move and flush the system of heaviness and tension. This fitness experience is a great  perfect for beginners, those with injuries, who need to loose wait and young mothers. 55 minutes of dance conditioning body workout concentrates on the hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms. You sweat a lot to release tensions on a fantastic music and push yourself to the limit. After you will fill longer and stronger. We will use the ballet barre and the mats. Variations with resistance bands or weights.The format is 15 minutes warm up, 15 minutes on the barre, 15 minutes core and 10 minutes stretch!

Core, flex and stretch
This routine works on core training, balance and stability with precise floor barre exercises and standing alignments. All dynamic routines in curated music, be prepared to sweat and stretch, as use the abdominal strength. The class is 50 min and evolves in dynamic, isometric and developmental stretching. We will work in more efficiency and expand the body in every possible dimensions expands…

Contemporary Motion all levels
This contemporary dance class is created using the principles of different contemporary dance techniques which place emphasis on using the breath to stimulate movement from the body’s centre point in conjunction with momentum and imagery. You will practise the control required to move in and out of the floor and to shift through varied planes with clarity and dynamism. Fall, rebound and suspension, the fundamentals of Contemporary Dance technique, are also be explored as well as the contraction and release of Graham. Aspects of Horton technique such as primitive squats, flat backs and lateral stretches are also practiced in the classes to lengthen the spine. The use of momentum and gravity explored in this class requires a sense of fearlessness which you are supported to explore to enable you to surrender to the sensation. The class consists of technique exercises, small choreographed phrases and travelling at an open level. The continuous pace of the class optimizes the training of your beautiful bold body. Participation in this class will enable you to explore new boundaries and versatility and to also minimize tensions all in the search for clarity and fluidity. As a result your core strength, flexibility and stamina will improve.
All fitness and experience levels welcome. Absolutely beginners are welcoming.

Ballet Bands For who is interested to get the routines from the beginning. Ballet Bands is a very good classe to strength upper body and find a fast posture, also is a very good preparation for dance balance and coordination. I remind this class works on the body enlongament in the correct alignment. Practise will let you have the chest lifted and the shoulders down…
Is a routine that I designed originally for dancers like me with injuries and is one of the most unique workout with stretch bands. The bands are used by professional dancers all over the world. We will use different bands from light to heavy and it helps the ability to stretch in basic balletic positions, amplify the tensegrity of the body and helping to work with elongated limbs. With Ballet Band we get faster results and no longer has to suffer when stretching in fundamental balletic positions.

TheSundayClass it is a combination of 3 classes you can book all the 3 or just one of those… Le Discotheque (55 min) A mix of Jazz warm up and choreographies from Disco, Funk, Lyrical Jazz depend on the week. Choreographies change every 3-4 weeks. Aeroballet Barre (30 min) On Sundays the Barre syllabus is mixed with Aerobic and Jazz, the only one of its kind in the UK, combines Barre, Ballet, Jazz in a very ‘sweaty’ workout. Aeroballet Stretch (30 min)It will stretch your body on the floor from head to toe: helps with weight loss, lean muscles, core and alignment.

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