Holiday moves with Aeroballet

by Sunday, August 14, 2016

Eating too much? Are you feeling muscles getting lazy? Bored on the beach? Here 4 exercises from Aeroballet to make you aware again about your body. They are performed just in one side so you will repeat in the other side as well. Perform in a repetition of 8 each exercise each side and repeat the whole routine 4 times…10 minutes to make yourself thinking about you…

#1 move
Roll down with primitive squat

Stand nice and tall and roll from the neck following the spine, bend your legs in a pliè. Extend your spine in a long diagonal line and come back using your core. Extend in a relevè the whole body. Repeat 8 times slow and 8 time faster. Be sure that your knees are always in line with your toes.

#2 move
Grand Pliès with a single raise leg

Start in a second natural position. Pliès down and use one arm to balance your descent weight. come back in the center and transfer the weight on one leg, use again your arm to balance. Complete the transfering of the weight with a passè and come back in a pliè in second, distributing again in both legs the weight. Extend both legs back in a natural second position. Restart. Repeat 8 times in both sides.

#3 move
Baby plies with skip jumps

Stand nice and tall with your feet a part and  in parallel . Bend your knees , keeping them in line with your toes 4 times. Transfer the weight in one leg and use your opposite arm to raise your body from the floor in a small jump, come back in the center and repeat in the other side, 2 times. Then repeat from the baby plies…You repeat the combination of moves 8 times.

#4 move
Courtesy step with leg extension

Stand nice and tall with your feet in a natural first position. Bring both arms in a port de bras in front of your belly. Cross in a back diagonal one leg and transfer the weight in a plie. Use your abdominal to raise the same leg to the side then extend your leg and control the suspension balancing with your torso. Place the leg on the floor and transfer the weight forward. Pull the leg towards you and use your cage and arms to come back in the starting position. Perform in the other side. Repeat 8 times.

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