Is Emotional is Real is Cruel

by Saturday, November 21, 2015

Is emotional, is real, is cruel, is thoughtful…. In the piece, which dates from 2005, Chouinard’s dancers have been transformed by the addition of crutches, walking frames and prostheses. Naked except for a typically Chouinardian assortment of S&M harnesses, nipple caps and pointe shoes, they limp, swing and scoot across the stage to hashed-up Bach and a manipulated recording of a spoken commentary by the pianist Glenn Gould. The result resembles a swingers’ party in a surgical appliance store, hosted by a DJ with late-stage Parkinson’s disease. A woman with miniature crutches drags herself about like a fish, gagging on a microphone; two women sharing a single leg brace perform a diagonal of mutant balletic leg lifts; a couple copulate while swinging from a harness.

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