Is the ‘imagery’ a serious help?

by Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It is not easy to correct our posture and it no easier teaching how to do it! I keep saying:’close the ribs’ or ‘open the chest’ but some of you may think: ‘what does she mean, how do I close my ribs…?????’ You are right, it is difficult. Everyone reacts in the correct way when I say: ‘Imagine a punch in your chest’, if I gesture your body imagine a real punch and react…this is Imagery helping your body to find the correct movement. Now we will learn this together, I will try to give you examples and you will see if it helps or not!
Here are some examples…
Energy in the arms it means ‘happy arms’ or ‘sad arms’ try to put the arms over your head thinking they are happy and light, even my fingers are…now think they are sad and heavy and notice the difference…


pictures  from Erik Franklin book ‘Dynamic Alignment through Imagery’

Close the ribs…imagine each ribs as a boat  and while you breathe in and out, the boats leave the sternum and come back. Now keep the breath in and imagine that all the boats are not moving, keep the boats in a firm position and try to breath from the spine, use the nose to exhale….or imagine your ribs as elastic suspensions  attached to the sternum, try to jump, pull and retract your rib cage and notice that you can actually feel the reaction. Extend the ribs in your right side, hold and then notice how they rebound into position, this helps to control your rib cage better…. Squat and stick your butt out imagine having a pair of feet running inside your butt and when we squat its like they are running in the opposite way, does it help?

87c0e91b-2f45-42a0-8a9a-31e6db83e68cHow we burn calories dancing?

Many dance forms can help you lose weight, but what really helps is imagining yourself as you would like to be. Dancing not only raises the heart rate through movement, it also tones and tightens the major muscle groups of the body. Dancing can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. A half-hour session of sustained dancing can burn a lot of calories. The more effort we put into our movements, the more we burn.

Calorie Burning using Dance Moves
The key to burning calories is to move your whole body. The best dance moves include the old standby move of a step with one foot and then bringing the other foot next to the first one and then going the opposite way. Add arm movements that go at least up to the shoulders and your heart will start pumping. In the warm up and choreography part of aereoballet, we should go with all the energy we have if we intend to lose weight, and not give up!  I will add steps with resistance jumps for general classes and provide direction in the room next week. We really need to put energy in if we like to burn! You’ll be surprised how tired you get if you have your legs shoulder-width apart and you just twist and alternate bending each leg with your arms doing the washing machine rotation movement at chest level. If you mix in leg lifts and knee lifts, bringing your opposite elbow to the knee, you’re really working your legs and abs. Then it’s all about creativity and keeping moving. You can just gyrate and swing your arms like a mad person!  The best way to reduce fat is to burn calories “passively” and the best way to do that is to add beautiful long lean muscles – dancers tone. In fact, healthy toned muscles will burn calories 24 hours a day – even when you are at rest! This is the reason why we do so many reps about barre exercises: targeted exercises that will work poorly toned, unused muscles, particularly in your thighs and abdomen. From your first workout you will begin to create strong, toned muscles and burn calories. The results will look and feel fabulous!
Food Monitoring
It’s important to avoid increasing your caloric intake when you start your dancing exercise program. If you add more calories, you’ll either maintain or gain weight. Your body might want more calories because you’ll be increasing your metabolism. In this newsletter I will report a food plan of a famous performer dancer in a working day (3 hours of rehearsals and 1.30 of show).
Managing Dance Time
To lose weight by dancing, you should strive for at least 20 minutes of time with an accelerated heart-rate at least 4-5 days a week. You should start with a 5 minute warm-up and end with a 5 minute cool-down which means 30 minutes, 4-5 times a week. Rather than watching the clock, manage your time through music as described in the next section. Set an alarm for your total dancing time on your cell phone or a clock that you can then hide. It will make the time go faster. I put the radio on in the kitchen and use the ‘pauses’ in the cooking time to try steps and jumps…
Butts, any reasons to be unshaped?
A “hanging bottom” is a frustrating condition suffered by too many women. But exercises we do are effective to firm and raise and firm your derriere . You are learning proper pelvic positioning and exercise movements to work these muscles and pull up your seat. Can you spend 5 min a day to do some pliès and small pulses? Sexy beautiful butts are the target and it is never too late.

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