by Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I want more: a better body, a better mood!

If we want more from dance, we have to love it!
If we like to keep our body strong and improve our coordination, we need to focus every time we move. If your brain and heart is not into dancing, you will most likely give up when you cannot do certain moves and this will decrease your sense of control and confidence.

Take a minute to think about what motivates you to dance?


Stand up straight, push your shoulders down and back, and hold your head up. It’s truly amazing what good posture does for a dancer. Think: you can become more coordinated, its just a combination of time, practise and discipline.


Daily stretching will make your body much more flexible. A big goal in dancing is to make each move look effortless. We stretch to improve our range of motion to make it easier for us to perform with an intention that looks effortless. The more limber your legs are, the easier it will be to move them. Make it a habit to stretch every day. Flexibility is important.

Feel the movement

In time and space… Let movement come from deep within, allowing it to emanate outwards. Try doing the moves with your eyes closed. Do each movement repeatedly to develop muscle memory. Use the memory and the focus. We need to be able to control repetitive movements, to be quick and to become able to remember what we have to do in the space with that rhythm or counts.


Our body will dance its best in a relaxed state.
Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Teach yourself use music to unwind. It is impossible to dance if you are thinking about your broken car, the hungry husband, the dinner or the food shopping that needs doing..or constantly think that you are not good enough, less thinking in class and more focus on moving! 

Keep practising

Once we have learnt a few moves, practise them at home on your own. Not only will you get better at the exercise, you’ll also be developing your technique and style. Watch other dancers on television, instructional DVDs, or in other venues and note body alignment, posture, and techniques. What ever we do: DISCO, JAZZ, BARRE, CONTEMPORARY when you have free time, practise – just anywhere around your home. The more you practise, the more you develop your craft. Good technique is what separates good dancers from the best dancers. Learn new moves, but strive to perfect the skills of each step. Working towards a specific goal can accelerate your learning tenfold. Specific goals are critical to achieving success, because without them you will not be challenged to grow. If you have a specific goal, such as a competition, performance, or exhibition, you can be sure that you will improve and grow as a result of the pressure.

Surround yourself with positive people

Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about your dancing is key to performing well. Dancing is a visual art, and people who feel good about their dancing appear more confident and are more engaging to watch. If you are around a negative group of people who isolate you or put you down, find a better crowd to associate with. Doing this will dramatically increase your happiness and performance.

Be proud of your work and enjoy every performance! A smile is an expression of pleasure, happiness, or amusement. If you smile while you’re dancing, people will get the feeling that you love what you’re doing. Even if you are dancing alone smile at yourself, it helps. We love to dance, so let it show!


Expect challenges, and don’t give up

Some days you’re going to dance poorly and feel tired, unfocused, and not confident which is completely normal! Everyone has good days and bad days. The key to overcoming these challenges is to acknowledge the way you feel, tell someone you trust about it and keep working hard in spite of it. 


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