Loyalty Cards Barre Classes in North London

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You will be able to purchase basic Loyalty cards 4 classes for the price of £40 or 9 classes for £78 or £65. The classes purchased on the loyalty card guarantee your place in the class and as a result missed classes are not redeemable. Each card will have an expiry date noted upon it when purchased which will be calculated by the amount of weekly classes you take and the card you purchase. If you can not attend you will lose the class, but you can re-schedule until 48 hours before.

Unlimited Montly is £75, and you can attend all the different classes. If you will not show up, the unlimited card is going to be charged.


For example if you participate in one class a week and purchase a 4 class card the card would expire after 4 weeks. If you purchase a 9 class card and go to 5 classes a week it would expire after 2 weeks.

For more information about a card that is best for you don’t hesitate to email.

Popular Loyalty Card

  • 4/4 Sessions in 4 weeks£40 -expire in 4 weeks
  • 1 /9 sessions£78 -expire in 4 weeks
  • 1/ 9 sessions CHALLENGE £65-expire in 3 weeks
  • Unlimited Montly £75

All the offers you will find after your LOGIN under PRE-PAID Packages!

Please when you can not make a lesson un-book 48 hours before or I will need to mark the card anyway…