New Year, New Goals: Bum Bum Redeem Machine

by Thursday, December 31, 2015

All the different bum shapes hourglass, apple, pear,  is one workout fitting and serve all them?   The sculpting needs of a heart-shaped bottom differ from those of a square shape.

Let’s see…

Square booty is equal in size from the waist to the hips and flat on both sides (that is mine!!!). We have a sort of flat appearance, easier for us gain muscles and good dancers :-)) We are very focused, feel all the food trends and a bargain hunter… She also always have a list. She is military built and burn her Balenciaga wallet for.

Square shapes fall a little on the bottom and hold excess volume up top, which can create a muffin top. To lift your bum you should focus on the gluteus medias—the lateral muscles closer to your waist. Always add rotation to lunges and legwork it works your waist as well. Best short routine is the lunge stretch one 3 sides we do in Contemporary motion: lunge front, then after 8 counts turn and lunge side after hold 8 counts, turn again another 45° and slide the long leg on the floor sit down in a L position (no arms need). From here, after 8 counts, place both hands on floor and lunge in the other leg, RESTART!

Best product Square booty:

Dr Sebagh’s body cream is our ultimate pre-vacation beauty treatment – it harnesses potent active ingredients to restructure, firm and contour your skin for an instant slimming effect. The formula is powered by Rosa Canina Fruit Oil to soothe dryness, antioxidant Date Seed Extract to reduce free-radical damage and visible signs of aging and Watermelon Extract to promote cell regeneration. Hyaluronic Acid boosts collagen production to plump and moisturize, too.

O shape is well known as the legendary Bubble butt, which is almost even all around and round in appearance as well. Is usually the best part of a slender/ slim body. The Bubble girl  can go through vigorous amounts of plies and pulses… she use all leggings that accentuate her posterior! This girl is very goal- oriented, solar and amiable personality, she focuses more on cultivating her body more than her mind. Free spirited, airy, always positive!

The goal is just to maintain the shape. Hitting your glutes from all angles and in different ways will maintain firmness and strong. Best Exercise is in Aereoballet and are Pliés!!!! The best in second position. Stand with your feet are a little bit wider than hip-width apart, and externally rotate your legs at the hips so your toes are turned out. Lower into a deep bend in your knees, and then straighten your legs to stand up again. Do 10 to 12 reps and same amount of reps then stay sit in the Plies and pulse in 4 fast reps of 16… Another good one is Barre sidekicks works legs, glutes and core…. Stand bone arm on the barre in a tilt and align hip and knee. Kick outside of the barre for 12 reps, then lift the leg for 8 repeat 3 times both side…

Best product O shape: Decleor Aromessence Sculpt Firming Body Serum is a 100% pure and 100% natural concentrate containing Immortelle, Rose, Camomile, Lemongrass, Lemon, Grapefruit, Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils. With a fine and silky texture. it is specially formulated to help firm the body helping skin feel firmer, toned and energised. It boosts the effectiveness for other Aroma Scuplt products applied afterwards.

Heart shape this kind of butt has a smaller top and flared large bottom at the top of the thighs. Sometimes referred to as the Oval Shape, because of the relation between a smaller waist and bigger hips. She can achieve the ideal hourglass shape that every girl aims for. This woman has the epitome of a perfect butt, because she knows she naturally has a sexy booty, she comes across as a little ‘girly’  … High standards for every aspect of her life, probably because she gets whatever she wants. This girl likely doesn’t work hard in getting what she wants because she can have everything,  including the natural shape of her butt. But Heart-shaped bottoms are not lacking in the gluteus maximus area. The best is to work on the hamstrings and the gluteus medius to lift all the area (the gravity does not do exceptions..Best excercise is done in Barre routine and in contemporary motion are single-leg squats

Do 10 to 12 reps on each leg. Arabesque and attitude lifts on the barre helps also very much!!!

Best product Heart shape: Scented with the hugely popular Amazing Grace scent, this firming body lotion is a real multi-tasker for your skin. Using a unique blend of antioxidant vitamins e and c, shea butter, macadamia nut, and olive oil, it helps revitalise dry, aged and wrinkle skin and contains a firming ingredient to help tone.

Philosophy founder Cristina Carlito is a skin care specialist and pioneer in medically based skincare technologies.

“V” shape  small waist and the larger butt, gives the appearance of the “V”

She is ethic, healthy, disciplined, intellectual, radical chic…

… sometimes giving off the impression that she’s kind of a control freak.  Determination, she is typically the top of her class; she wouldn’t dare to miss a deadline. This girl is on the fast track, appears to all refined and put together. Although her booty may not look as good as she may wish, she always has something interesting, or better yet, eye catching to say.Best workout for V shape girl?  Fire up that the posterior glutes muscles to lift in order to turn that V shape upside down. All the exercises that also focus on hip range of motion, like all the latin-flamenco steps we do in Aereoballet routines are useful to plump up the saggy parts. In particular: Primitive squats alone or in partners. Stand up and with feet a part in a large first position sit between your knees watching knees in line with toes. If it is too much you can partner with your sun, husband or daughter or friend to make the exercise easier… Pulse at the barre with the ball: place the ball between knees in first position and turn the feet from parallel to first while you squeeze the ball, repeat in 4 reps of 12, keep the sqeeze for one count!!

Best Product V shape

710igQyNNZL._SY679_Slimming Body Milk To Treat Cellulite 

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