Private Cross Training Postural sessions

by Thursday, February 8, 2018
Recovering from injury, illness, or trying to alleviate stress?
Preparing for birth or just had a baby?  Deep frozen shoulder and neck pain? Problem with lower back? Overweight?
Do you need individual attention?
Come a initial 121  and  we will be able to give you tailor-made advice.
Ideal for anyone that would like to look after themselves well.  We will design a unique form of movement on your need and it will allow us to make changes in your posture and  improve daily routines, allowing you to stretch any tight areas in your body. If you have back pain, neck soreness or other posture problems or breathing patterns and insomnia, this can definitely help you. You can also learn ways to relieve pain. A combination of Yoga, Dance, Gymnastic and Breathing will re-align your joints and re- boot your body completely. Discover how your body can heal and by working with a trainer we can help you discover unbalanced and unused muscles to build new ranges of motion, mobility and balance.
 How this work?
You have a initial 121 to decide your program, goals and details. We will advise you for the best solution. Each lesson is 60 min and cost £37. 10 days Package, 3 lessons , is £85 . If it works fr you, results are fast, you will feel the benefit straight away. It is a investment on your posture and self-healing. All our teacher are fully trained and insured.

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