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by Friday, October 21, 2016

Why is it important to know your body type? I’ve been thinking about body shapes in the last 3 years. Each body is different and need a diversity of routine to get in ‘shape’ faster. It is about working smarter and with very organic tools, and have the opportunity to explore other possibility of your body. Achieve your aesthetic goals is more important than anything else. This is possible, but it is very difficult and painful process. How we can speed up? Working your body based on your own type, is a determining factor to improving your problem-areas.

Everyone has a particular body type or shape, which falls into one of the followings categories: Hourglass, Pear, Ruler, Apple and Triangle. These shapes are usually genetic but we can actually change or refine.

Your body type has nothing to do with how tall, short, skinny or fat you are, and much you weigh, which is affected by how much and what you eat. Your body is shaped only by genetics, activity level, sports you might have played as a youth, and your current exercise routine. For instance, if you are a “Pear” (bottom-heavy) and you weigh 150 pounds and you lose 15 pounds by dieting and exercise, unless you work out based on your body type, you’ll weigh less, but your saddlebags and other problem areas will remain. The good news is that it is possible improve the way our bodies look by exercising based on our body type. So channel your energy and efforts on making your body more balanced and proportionate.
Let’s get smarter…..


Do you tend to carry weight in both your upper and lower body, yet are more slender through the waist? Is there a significant difference between the circumference of your chest and your waist (or between your hips and your waist)? Does your body appear balanced and curvaceous when you look in the mirror? If so, you are an hourglass.

HOURGLASS WORKOUT As an Hourglass, your mantra is high reps, for both upper and lower body. High reps mean at least 25 to 50 repetitions for each exercise, so it becomes cardio workout at the same time. Some Hourglass shape think they are Rulers because they can not see the waist line, especcially after 40s.

Do you carry most of your weight in your hips, thigh, and buttocks? Are you more slender on the top? Do you tend to gain weight or carry extra weight from the hips down? Do your eyes go directly to the lower half of your body when you look in the mirror? If so, you are a Pear.

PEAR WORKOUT Lower-body focused, power moves such as primitive squats and, total-body strength training, and endurance cardio. To help even out a heavier lower half, you’ll want to create a stronger, more defined upper body to balance out your shape. Workout designed to help you burn more calories and develop metabolically active lean muscle mass at the same time: little jumps, skater moves etc.

Are you pretty much built straight up and down with very few curves? Is there little difference in the circumferences of your chest, waist, and hips? Do you tend to put on weight around your midsection? If so, you are a ruler.

RULER WORKOUT Improve body composition and add definition to a straight figure. Calorie burning doesn’t need to be your main focus, but it’s still a good idea to throw in a few cardio sessions per week to help improve overall endurance, stamina, and health. Definition, posture and stretch is what you are looking for… Contraction and release, resistence bands, arch back is what you need to do it…

Rounder in the middle and have a thicker waist , especially in comparison to their hips and shoulders.APPLE WORKOUT Cardio seems the best exercise off belly fat! A plan that combines high-intensity cardio to torch fat and effective strength moves to help you develop tight muscles all around your waistline.

Do you tend to carry most of your weight in your back, chest, arms, and stomach? Are you more slender from the hips down? If so, you are a triangle.

TRIANGLE WORKOUT Trim Upper Body and Strengthen Lower Body to Make Your Body More Symmetrical. High reps and low resistance or weights for the upper body combining with intense lateral stretches and high resistance for the lower body.

Do you want work Smarter? Here you have the possibility. I offer 6 sessions of Body Shape Workout for £135 in 3 weeks…

What do you get? You will get a body map, understand about your body in the relation of the gravity, your personal exercises, and what you should avoid to have a better result.

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