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by Friday, January 15, 2016

I’m always in love with Jennifer Beals and her style in Flash Dance. I saw the movie hundred of times, and I never get bored. When she tooks her bra off and looked cool and sooo relaxed, definitely is one of my favorite part. One of the most talked about fashion moments in a film, Jennifer seduces men and women without any  doubt. The grey over-sized sweater with a wide cut-off neckline hanging over her shoulder and the skirt disappears for the red heals! I’m not a big fan of red heals, but I’m a fun of oversize warm jumpers and wild her. I have to say everytime that I play a song from Flash Dance my class get magically happy and everyone feels good! Such a great thing…

I will say lets try to imagine some different colours neutral, nude, skin… what about a Fisherman ribbed-knit sweater like NLST  In an oversized fit,  It has a mid-weight handle and languid silhouette that’s best layered over what ever you like, it is in sale and S and L are available YEAH!


Or the fantastic ‘Angel sleeves’ from the Row’s beige mid-weight cashmere Mahalia sweater. It has a subtle ribbed texture and is shaped for a loose fit, with dropped shoulders…


Chloé’s nude-pink sandals are a beautiful way of introducing the Velvet  texture to your look. They have a classic silhouette with a wide front strap, delicate ankle strap, and neat velvet-covered heel. I love them with a thick wool socks…

In a more proper dance Style what about this FAB minidress of Kd dance New York and it will be so cool to twist with some ankle boots like the Mary ’60 by TOPSHOP


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