by Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I’m very proud about everyone and thank you to make WOMEN DANCE 10X4X2 real. Dance is becoming the first thought in my life and a need to discover more about bodies getting old. In particular the impact our bodies have within the contest we live, it is inspiring me to feed our choreographies with our everyday life. Is ordinary life and ordinary people a shape of art? Can we communicate emotions and believes with women that just would like to be themselves? I’m looking for a ‘quid’ that can transform the everyday movement in a ‘statement’. 

Is all about…jumping, fragmented, thoughts…wake up, toilet, wash, coffee, children, husband, work, read, shopping food, friends, buses, all those words request movements to make sense. 

Those movements are repeated everyday with small variations all over the world. When I look around I feel like I’m  looking into secret body stories. I’m attracted but also repelled by everyday life. It is easy to see this scene as an image of a woman, not young and not old, trying to find sense and connections between events . It could also be seen as an space where time and movements are frozen and looped. Daily rituals of making coffee and smell of the everyday soap, make your space unique. A body narrative reveals associations of emotions: pressure, tiredness, fear, loyalty…  I feel the immobility of the body as an expression of stress, heaviness and fear of unexpressed life.

We will try to release.

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